The Dangers and Risk of Getting Kidnapped During Business Travels

Kidnapping always poses a threat to businessmen or women traveling locally and overseas. Corporations put certain countermeasures in place to ensure the safety of these businesspeople.  To lay credence to this fact, several companies listed in the Fortune 500 list have insurance policies that cater to a kidnap-for-ransom event.


This article will discuss the various ways to avoid getting kidnapped in any situation, especially during business trips. Hopefully, this would also raise your awareness of the dangers of kidnapping and the high possibility of it happening not only to you but to the people you hold most dear.

Ways to Avoid Getting Kidnapped

1. Never Stay at One Place at Any Given Time

If you need to go overseas for a business meeting and the visit would take several days, you need to have a list of the restaurants and hotels in the area. Never eat at the same restaurant nor stay at the same hotel for consecutive days. Always pick a different route when traveling to and from the meeting place. This should ward off potential kidnappers since they will never guess your routine if it’s this random.

2. Always Take a Pre-Planned Route Before Traveling

When traveling to a place that you have never been to, always plan the places that you will go especially the routes that you need to pass through. You will have more control over the time that you need to spend in these places. Do some research about the hotel where you will stay, contact and make reservations with legitimate travel agencies, and always have someone who knows where you are and can check up on you if needed.

3. Do Not Place Important Information on Your Business Cards

When trying to do business, you would oftentimes provide business cards to prospects so that they could contact you once they have made their decision. However, just place some basic information on your card. Remember not to place anything about the company that you work for or your position in the company. Having that information on your business card would tip-off kidnappers to your status.

4. Never Bring Company Credit Cards in Your Wallet

Company credit cards are magnets to kidnappers since it has a near-infinite supply of funds at your disposal. They would grab you then force you to make withdrawals on that card then either they let you go or hold you hostage to get more money. That said, just bring this card when it’s needed and try to act normal when making purchases. Have someone accompany you when you do this for added protection.

5. Never Let Your Guard Down

No one is safe when it comes to kidnapping. This means kidnappers will not choose who they will target so veteran travelers are in the same form of danger with novices. Always include a security option in your traveling arrangements. This will not only save your life but your loved ones as well.   

The Bottom Line

You need to face the facts that kidnappers do their research. They would follow their target religiously and plan their attack based on your behavior and your status. Self-awareness helps in a big way and attracting less attention will at least minimize the chances of getting kidnapped. Be careful always and take the necessary precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe.