7 Lesser Known Destinations for Quality Snorkeling

In recent times, deep sea diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling have emerged as the most popular underwater recreational activities for interested individuals.

Snorkeling is fast emerging as a popular underwater recreational activity

The first two are intended for experienced divers as they require specialized equipment as well as training. For a blog about scuba diving, try poolschoolinparadise.com. Snorkeling, on the other hand, is something that even novices and children can undertake, assuming it is under expert supervision, of course. All you need is a diving mask, swim fins, a breathing device called a ‘snorkel’, and a good understanding of how to use them. And you are ready to explore the wonders the oceans hold inside their waters.

Some of the most popular places to snorkel include:

  • The Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  • Komodo National Park in Indonesia
  • Galapagos Islands in Ecuador
  • The Maldives
  • Maui & Big Island in Hawaii
  • Belize

But here, we’ll introduce you to some lesser known places that offer just as good a snorkeling experience.

Plage de la Palud, South of France

Located in Port Cros National Park in the Mediterranean, Plage de la Palud is known for its vastness of sea life. This is probably the only place in the world where you can spot dusky grouper, huge gilt-head bream, greater amberjack and brown meagre at depths as shallow as 2 meters.

Ghar Lapsi, Malta

A little difficult to reach but a must visit if you happen to be in Malta. An ideal place to snorkel towards the end of summers if you love quietness, clean deep waters, and a picturesque seabed.

Silfra Fissure, Iceland

You’ll need a dry suit to keep you warm in the icy cold water, but the adventure is totally worth it for the unique experience of snorkeling between the North American and the European continental plates. With underwater visibility of up to 300 feet, Silfra has one of the cleanest waters anywhere in the world.

Snorkelling in Silfra Fissure, Iceland
Snorkeling between continents in Silfra Fissure, Iceland (Source: icelandadvice.is)

Makarska, Croatia

Makarska Riviera is a 60 km long coastline between the towns of Brela and Gradac. There are dozens of snorkeling spots with seasoned, professional guides available. Starfish, octopus, and a number of other unique fish species can be easily seen up close.

The Medes Islands, Spain

The islands are part of a protected Natural Marine Reserve. Medes is a group of 7 islets located off the coast of Costa Brava in northeastern Spain. Amidst views of colorful sea vegetation, you are likely to spot sea horses, sea basses, barracudas, sea stars, moray eels, red mullets, groupers and plenty of other fish

Ningaloo Reef, Australia

The reef is home to an abundant amount of marine and coral life. Australia’s Ningaloo Reef is famous for sightings of humpback whales, dolphins, sharks, and if you’re lucky, even dugongs.

Key Largo, USA

Key Largo in the US state of Florida offers multiple remarkable snorkeling spots. It is famous for its stunning coral reefs, including the 3rd largest in the world. The rich sea life you can explore includes tropical colored fish, sea turtles, starfish, eels, lobsters, conchs, rays and much more.

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Traveling During the Pandemic

Covid-19 has hit every facet of our lives but traveling during this pandemic has become especially problematic. There are many restrictions imposed on traveling now, be it domestic or foreign. These restrictions have been put in place by the authorities to safeguard the travelers and the general public. Let us take a look at how Covid-19 has changed traveling and what you can do to keep your travels as safe as possible. We will jot down the traveling precautions for air and road travels as they are two of the most popular form of travel. This information could be outdated quickly, so check with the CDC website or your doctor for the latest advice.

Air Travel

Whether you are taking a domestic flight or going out of the country, all the airlines have a comprehensive travel advisory to ensure your safety. Truth be told, there are few chances you can contract Corona Virus inside the aircraft. The atmosphere inside is not ripe for the virus to survive, what with all the low air pressure, good air flow and stringent sanitation measures. It is the process of reaching the aircraft that carries risks. For that, keep your mask on your face throughout the boarding process. Some airport authorities even insist on covering your entire face with a face shield. Also, maintain a safe distance while you are standing in queues. Do not unnecessarily touch anything and frequently sanitize your hands. You will find hand sanitizers everywhere, but you should keep your pocket-sized bottle with you. If the aircraft is fully booked, you will not be able to observe any social distancing. Do not remove your face shield or face mask throughout the flight and avoid handshakes, hugs, etc.

Airports across the world have been nearly empty due to COVID

Road Travel

The road travel can be further sub-divided into two categories:

  • Traveling in your car
  • Traveling by bus

Let us discuss them both below:

Traveling in your car: If you are traveling in your car, take along a good supply of sanitizers and masks, taking into consideration the length of your journey. Do not unnecessarily take a stop along the way. Avoid public restrooms and wear a mask, should you venture out of your car. If you feel drowsiness during driving, do not take it lightly, pullover and let your condition stabilize before you move on with your journey.

Traveling by bus: On the bus, you will share space with fellow passengers who are strangers. You do not know anything about the level of their public contact so you must practice safety measures. Never remove your face mask and keep sanitizing your hands during your journey. Handshakes and bodily contacts are to be avoided completely.

Maintaining social distance and wearing masks has been mandated on buses and trains

After Your Travel

When you are back to your home, it is wise and recommended that you test yourself for Covid-19. Quarantine yourself until your result arrives and avoid non-essential public contact for 14 days, at least even if your test result turns out to be negative. We hope by following these guidelines you will be able to keep yourself safe and enjoy your travels too, albeit with restrictions. Let’s hope that this pandemic will be over soon in its entirety.

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Best Travel Tips for the Budget-Savvy Man or Woman

You have probably read so many articles about travel. They usually say that you should invest in these experiences. Some can say this easily because they have the budget for it or not as many responsibilities. It is challenging to leave work, children, or pets, behind, for example. Of course, it does not mean that you should not indulge in a little bit of travel. It is good for your soul.

On the Practical Side of Things…

Secure and photocopy essential documents

To prevent horror stories, involving lost passports and other documents, keep them in a secure place. Invest in one of those secure bags that don’t get easily ripped by a knife. Usually, these bags have extra locks, too. Just to be on the safer side, photocopy the documents, as well. Don’t keep the originals and photocopies in one place.

Write all vital data in a notebook

Keeping your important data ready in a notebook is highly recommended

Sometimes, we get a little too reliant on the cloud and our mobile phones. What if you lose your phone? What if there is no Wifi or even mobile data where you are going? Make sure you have data ready in your notebook – yes, the traditional kind.

Buy travel insurance

Most likely, your airline will ask you to buy insurance to cover you on your flight because it is a money maker for them. However, the type we are talking about is medical travel insurance. It is not that expensive and is really critical if you do get sick or injured. You don’t want your savings getting wiped out by a medical emergency, for example. And, if you are in a location with poor medical facilities, the insurance will take care of transporting you to someplace that does have good facilities.

Email or call your bank

Your bank should be aware you are going overseas. You are, perhaps, going to use your credit card in unexpected places. Alert them that it is not fraudulent activity if the card gets used in your destination – but up to a specific date. Send your itinerary

What you should put in your carry-on

Little bottles of toiletries, medicine, and electronic devices should be in your carry-on. With babies, you should have your wipes ready, too. Continue updating with the airline as to what has been changed in the carry-on rules.

Keep your cash and cards safe

This goes without saying. Spread them in different organizers or wallets.

Money-Saving Ideas

Use this link: http://bit.ly/VivTravelDeals

You will get some great discounts. It allows you to get almost wholesale prices.

Book ahead of time

To get some discounts, book ahead of time. Check out potential holidays in which you can go without your request being rejected by your employer.

You can save a lot of money by booking ahead of time, with a group

Book with a group

Take your friends and family. There are some group discounts that you can avail yourself of. It is also more fun and safer to travel with a group.

Take a package trip

Find out if some tour packages will let you visit more places at a lower cost. This is not very flexible, though, but it will do.

Pack light

Just pack what you need for the duration.  A huge bag can mean extra luggage fees.

Getting Ready for the Time of Your Life

Be flexible

Don’t be afraid to swerve away from your plans. Some changes can be more fun.

Keep an open mind

Be respectful of the various cultures and lifestyles that you will encounter. Not everyone is exactly like you!

Bring extra towels and underwear

Prepare for a possible plunge. It may not be in the plans, but what if you see a beautiful body of water?

Go for the road less traveled

Try to avoid crowded tourist spots

If you can get away from bus tours, do so. Don’t go to crowded tourist spots if you can afford it. There are some hidden gems in every country.

Change your sleeping schedule subtly as your travel date nears

For those crossing time zones, this is vital to your trip enjoyment.

Have a nice trip!

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The Dangers and Risk of Getting Kidnapped During Business Travels

Kidnapping always poses a threat to businessmen or women traveling locally and overseas. Corporations put certain countermeasures in place to ensure the safety of these businesspeople.  To lay credence to this fact, several companies listed in the Fortune 500 list have insurance policies that cater to a kidnap-for-ransom event.


This article will discuss the various ways to avoid getting kidnapped in any situation, especially during business trips. Hopefully, this would also raise your awareness of the dangers of kidnapping and the high possibility of it happening not only to you but to the people you hold most dear.

Ways to Avoid Getting Kidnapped

1. Never Stay at One Place at Any Given Time

If you need to go overseas for a business meeting and the visit would take several days, you need to have a list of the restaurants and hotels in the area. Never eat at the same restaurant nor stay at the same hotel for consecutive days. Always pick a different route when traveling to and from the meeting place. This should ward off potential kidnappers since they will never guess your routine if it’s this random.

2. Always Take a Pre-Planned Route Before Traveling

When traveling to a place that you have never been to, always plan the places that you will go especially the routes that you need to pass through. You will have more control over the time that you need to spend in these places. Do some research about the hotel where you will stay, contact and make reservations with legitimate travel agencies, and always have someone who knows where you are and can check up on you if needed.

3. Do Not Place Important Information on Your Business Cards

When trying to do business, you would oftentimes provide business cards to prospects so that they could contact you once they have made their decision. However, just place some basic information on your card. Remember not to place anything about the company that you work for or your position in the company. Having that information on your business card would tip-off kidnappers to your status.

4. Never Bring Company Credit Cards in Your Wallet

Company credit cards are magnets to kidnappers since it has a near-infinite supply of funds at your disposal. They would grab you then force you to make withdrawals on that card then either they let you go or hold you hostage to get more money. That said, just bring this card when it’s needed and try to act normal when making purchases. Have someone accompany you when you do this for added protection.

5. Never Let Your Guard Down

No one is safe when it comes to kidnapping. This means kidnappers will not choose who they will target so veteran travelers are in the same form of danger with novices. Always include a security option in your traveling arrangements. This will not only save your life but your loved ones as well.   

The Bottom Line

You need to face the facts that kidnappers do their research. They would follow their target religiously and plan their attack based on your behavior and your status. Self-awareness helps in a big way and attracting less attention will at least minimize the chances of getting kidnapped. Be careful always and take the necessary precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Five Mistakes People Make When Traveling

Traveling is one of the great modern conveniences that we’ve come to enjoy over the years. Now, more than ever, people can make journeys across wide expanses to see entire countries and cultures that their ancestors never would have laid eyes on in a lifetime. However, the red tape and complications of stepping out of one nation and laying foot in another can be stressful. A lack of planning might turn what could have been an experience into a nightmare. Here are five tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes people make. Plus it will keep the boring and taxing aspects of international travel to a minimum.

Travel Essentials

Five mistakes people make when traveling are:

  1. Not having a SIM card/checking your phone plan
  2. Not notifying your credit card company
  3. Not having travel insurance
  4. Not having the right visa requirements
  5. Having too much planned and booked

Get A SIM Card or Check Your Phone Plan!

If you’ve ever gone somewhere and your phone service suddenly goes out as you’re trying to look up something critical, it’s usually pretty annoying. Imagine if you went to an entirely different country, not having any impression of the local layout or even language, and this happened? It’s more than an annoyance, it’s downright scary. Make sure if you travel, you find out what countries and areas your phone plan covers. If they don’t cover the country, you should get a SIM card for your phone that will let it function where you are.

Let Your Credit Card Company Know You’re Heading Out

Most countries will accept a lot of American issued credit cards these days. But, if you use it while your credit card company believes you’re still only going as far as buying a soda from the break room vending machine, they might just lock it up for fear of theft. It’s a good thing they do this because you don’t want anyone getting a hold of your card or information and using it as they please. However, it can ruin your entire vacation if it you forget to notify them you are going abroad. While having your credit card locked can be reversed, the process can take several business days. This is especially painful if it happens on or right before a weekend. So, just take a few minutes to call the number on your card, talk to a rep, and notify them.

Get Travel Insurance!

Pinching every penny is something some travelers take too literally, and it can get you into some tight situations when it comes to something as important as traveler’s insurance. Cases recently of Americans getting sick and requiring medical attention overseas haven’t been usual. In almost every situation it can land the people with a bill that’s difficult to pay off. Or worst, it might even create a complication or two in getting discharged from the medical facility. Just buy traveler’s insurance! It’s not very expensive and it ensures that if anything should happen to you, you’ll know that you’ll be looked after.

Make Sure Your Visa and Travel Permissions are Correct


What could be worse than paying hundreds or even thousands for your ticket abroad, spending thirteen hours on flights, and wait upwards of an hour and a half to get through customs, only to be denied at the gate because of an oversight on your visa! Many countries have pretty lax requirements when it comes to US or UK travel visas. In fact, many only require a passport. However, you better check and double-check before you leave that you have all the proper documents needed to travel to the country you are going to!

Having TOO Much Planned!

It’s great to have a plan! In fact, planning your activities is the best way to get the most out of your trip! But one mistake people frequently make is to put a hectic schedule crammed with far TOO MUCH to do. You lose sight of other things that you can stumble upon with a more relaxed schedule. In trying to keep yourself on schedule, you’ll only wind up wearing yourself out and putting too much stress on your mind. It’s best to just fill each day with a single ‘must-do’ activity. Then have a list of things nearby the big must-do activity that you can easily get to when you feel up to it, and enjoy the moment.

You can turn any trip into an ordeal if you don’t prepare for it, or over-prepare. Just make sure that you always have the stuff that can only be achieved at home out of the way. That will make for a nice, easygoing itinerary moving forward.

And as a last tip, we have found VivTravelDeals to have better travel deals than the better known travel websites.

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Hello to Our Travel Blog

We hope you find this travel blog interesting and useful. We will give tips on how to travel safely and how to get the most out of traveling. We will usually give you ideas on how to save money while traveling but sometimes we will also talk about how to travel top shelf. Kind of like the old TV show, Homes of the Rich and Famous. While we are at it, we will give you tips about the best things to see at certain destinations.

If you like what we have to say, please give us a good review and let your friends know about this site. Or if you have ideas for topics or places, let us know.

The pandemic is making travel even more interesting. It might be a while before you can really make use of this site. We will probably add some posts on how to travel safely and minimize the risk of getting infected.

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