Five Mistakes People Make When Traveling

Traveling is one of the great modern conveniences that we’ve come to enjoy over the years. Now, more than ever, people can make journeys across wide expanses to see entire countries and cultures that their ancestors never would have laid eyes on in a lifetime. However, the red tape and complicated nature of stepping out of one nation and laying foot in another can be a stressful and deterring thing, and a lack of planning might turn what could have been an experience into a nightmare. Here are five tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes people make, and keep the boring and taxing aspects of international travel to a minimum.

Five mistakes people make when traveling are:

  1. Not having a SIM card/checking your phone plan
  2. Not notifying your credit card company
  3. Not having travel insurance
  4. Not having the right visa requirements
  5. Having too much planned and booked

Get A SIM Card or Check Your Phone Plan!

If you’ve ever gone somewhere and your phone service suddenly goes out as you’re trying to look up something critical, it’s usually pretty annoying. Imagine if you went to an entirely different country, not having any impression of the local layout or even language, and this happened? It’s more than an annoyance, it’s downright scary. Make sure if you travel, you find out what countries and areas your phone plan covers, and if they don’t, know exactly where to get a SIM card for your phone that will let it function where you are.

Overseas validation for credit card

Let Your Credit Card Company Know You’re Heading Out

Most countries will accept a lot of American issued credit cards these days, but if you use it while your credit card company believes you’re still only going as far as buying a soda from the break room vending machine, they might just lock it up for fear of theft. It’s a good thing they do this because you don’t want just anyone getting a hold of your card or information and using it as they please, but it can ruin your entire vacation if it happens abroad. While having your credit card locked can be reversed, the process can take several business days, and this is especially painful if it happens on or right before the weekend, so just take a few minutes to call the number on your card, talk to a rep, and notify them.

Get Travel Insurance!

Pinching every penny is something some travelers take too literally, and it can get you into some tight situations when it comes to something as important as traveler’s insurance. Cases recently of Americans getting sick and requiring medical attention overseas haven’t been usual, and in almost every situation it can land the people with a bill that’s difficult to pay off or might even create a complication or two in getting discharged from the medical facility. Just buy traveler’s insurance – it’s not very expensive and it ensures that if anything should happen to you, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll be looked after.

Check passport and visa so no travel problems

Make Sure Your Visa and Travel Permissions are Correct

What could be worse than paying hundreds or even thousands for your ticket abroad, spending thirteen hours on flights, and wait upwards of an hour and a half to get through customs, only to be denied at the gate because of an oversight on your visa! While many countries have pretty lax requirements when it comes to US or UK travel visas, and many only require a passport, you better check and double-check before you even leave that you have all the proper documents needed to travel to the country you intend to!

Having TOO Much Planned!

It’s great to have a plan! In fact, planning your activities is the best way to get the most out of your trip! But one mistake people tend to make more often than not is to put a hectic schedule crammed with far TOO MUCH to do. You lose sight of other things that you can stumble upon with a more relaxed schedule, and in trying to keep yourself on time with everything, you’ll only wind up wearing yourself out and putting too much stress on your mind. It’s best to just fill each day with a single ‘must-do’ activity, with a list of things nearby the big must-do activity that you can easily get to when you feel up to it, and enjoy the moment.

You can turn any trip into an ordeal if you don’t prepare for it, or over-prepare. Just make sure that you always have the stuff that can only be achieved at home out of the way, and that you have a nice, easygoing itinerary moving forward.

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5 Great Tips to Stop Travel Anxiety

You just got done booking a flight for your next trip! Maybe it’s overseas, to a country you’ve been wanting to visit since you were young, or perhaps it’s just to visit family on the other side of the country. Yet, you have this unsettling feeling. What if something goes wrong the morning of the flight? What if I can’t get to the airport on time, or what if the lines wind up being way too long? And what of the flight itself, am I really going to be okay for several hours at an altitude of over twenty thousand feet in the air? These thoughts go on for weeks leading up to your flight, and don’t get much better.

Travel anxiety is a problem that affects a large portion of people, and not just those who are flying for the first time. Travel is supposed to be exciting, but it can often leave us struggling with these anxious feelings. Here’s a few things you can do to curb travel anxiety;

Get to the Airport On-Time – And Then Some!

The airport is understandably a busy place, so much that a lot of things can cause lines to back up, and that gives plenty of time for you to look at your watch in worry. To counter this, try to arrive at least two to three hours before your flight. Typically, even if a line looks like it will take all day to get through, the most you’ll be waiting in even the most extreme cases will often be no more than half an hour to an hour depending on the airport. This is especially helpful around busy flight months, such as mid-November to early January, where a lot of holiday travel is done. If you get through the gate with time to spare, always make sure you brought something to read. This especially comes in handy later.

Breathe Deep, Breathe Slow

Sometimes, the anxiety of travel can cause mild panic, especially if you’re worried about having left the stove on – I’ve been there, it isn’t fun. Often times, it’s best to take long, deep breaths through your nose, count to seven, and exhale slowly. Repeat in your mind that everything will work out, and try your best to focus only on getting through the gate and on your flight. If you’re already on your flight and anxiety sets in, this is especially important, as forgetting to breathe properly can cause you to become lightheaded at higher altitudes!

Know the Layout

Usually when you purchase a ticket, barring layovers and other complications, you will be able to find out on your itinerary where your airplane will be flying from and where it will land, as well as what gates you’ll be traveling to, through, and from. If you can, download a map of these airports located on their respective websites, and print them out. Use a pen to mark the route you will take. Even if something happens that causes you to land at a different gate, just the act of doing this should familiarize you a bit more with an unfamiliar place, which should help you a little. Even if you didn’t do this, airport security usually knows how to direct people to proper terminals, and might even be willing to show you where to go.

Rationalize – It’s for the Best!

It’s natural to occasionally wonder ‘What are the odds of an engine going out?’ or to get spooked when your airplane travels through turbulent weather and think that the end has come. However, try to remember that statistically, you’re far more likely to get struck by lightning this year than you are to perish in a plane crash. Those are one in over a million odds! It’s best to remember that fatal airplane crashes, while horrific and tragic, are ultimately so rare when you consider how many flights are conducted daily, weekly, or even monthly with zero issues. Driving your car is far more dangerous.

Be Equipped for Comfort

Airplanes can be a little uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time, especially when you fly coach. This can be a factor in how much your travel anxiety will affect you when you’re already en route to your destination. The best thing you can do for yourself, and ensure that your flight is a pleasant one, is to make sure you come with all the proper comfort equipment you need. Noise canceling headphones are particularly useful, given that the plane is fairly noisy when it’s in the air, and I wouldn’t dare set foot in one without at least a neck pillow, which will prevent you from getting sore when you slouch and fall asleep on your neighbor. Of course, bringing headphones to listen to music, and something to read are an absolute necessity as well, even more if you’re flying overseas. Just be sure you can easily store what you bring.

Travel anxiety may be common, but there are many ways in which you can combat it, before and during your trip. But the best relief from travel anxiety will ultimately be arriving at your destination and enjoying the trip you’ve been looking forward to! And yes, the statistics on that happening are very much in your favor.…

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Safety guides when visiting a foreign city

When you travel to another city there are safety guides that are best for you and your family to follow when it comes to your safety. Here are some guides you can follow to be and stay safe. 

Travel safety

Never give any details to anybody like where are you are staying, how much it cost and places that you are going to visit. Don’t travel at night or try to avoid it.

 If you can you can begin in the early morning and whatever you distend are try to figure out the limit time you are driving and see what time you need to drive.  Use an ATM during the day where people are all around. 

Travel in streets that are safe to travel in for women and children. Have a credit card instead of cash with you. 

Transport safety  

At the airport always stand with the people when fetching your backpack. Avoid changing your currency at the airport do it a bank that is responsible for doing the change of currency. 

Do research on how taxi cabs work and how to they look. And don’t share a cab with a stranger. When driving in your own car make sure the doors are locked and to boot is locket and is close. When leaving your car make sure all the windows are up and get unbreakable windows if you can.  

Beware of scams when traveling

Some thieves can trick and dress like police offers and ask to check your money for dills. Some can be a tour guide and show you dangerous places and charge you for the tour. Make sure that your drinks and food aren’t drugged. If something happened to you go to the police station ask for help. But always make sure you are safe 

When you travel to another city make sure you know what to do when you are in trouble. Leave your valuable things at home. Keep your money with you can know where you put it. Take care of the safety of your children. 

Always make sure you keep an eye out for thieves and scams and if things don’t feel right then go to the tour information or go to the police for help. Don’t leave your children alone or alone with strangers not everyone is trustable and kidnapped them. Use a credit card and when using it make sure your password is not visible for others to see.    

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